About ACS

Air Cleaning Specialists, Inc. provides engineering design, installation and service for air purification systems in commercial and industrial applications. We offer high efficiency mechanical and electronic filtration, engineered exhaust systems, dust collection systems, scrubbers, vacuum systems, and odor and fume removal with heat recovery systems. From the removal of tobacco smoke in breakrooms, to controlling hazardous smoke, dust, fumes and mists created in process manufacturing, we can provide the solution. Air Cleaning Specialists, Inc. has specialized in indoor air quality and air pollution control since 1979. Air Cleaning Specialists, Inc. is a distributor of Purolator Air Filters and not the manufacturer.

About Purolator Air Filters

Purolator is a brand of air filtration products that are manufactured by a division of CLARCOR Inc. (NYSE: CLC) for the residential, commercial and industrial, and wholesale markets. From disposable panel filters to high efficiency bag filters, Purolator products give customers many filter options to meet their system requirements. The primary manufacturing location for Purolator filters is in Jeffersonville, Indiana.