Purolator Air Filters Hi-E


Hi-E Pleated Filter
  • Size: 18 x 24 x 4
  • Medium efficiency pleat MERV 10
  • Low initial resistance = great pleated filter for HVAC applications
  • High dust holding capacity
  • Good option for allergy sufferers
  • Last up to 90 days
Filter Performance
  • Price per filter: $ 18.20
  • Filters per Carton: x 6
  • Carton Quantity: x
  • Quantity discount: - $ 0.00
  • Final Total Price: $ 109.20
$13 Shipping

Due to the pandemic, filter media supply is suffering from inconsistent lead times. While most orders will not be affected, be aware that certain orders might not be able to ship on time.

Estimated Ship Date: 4/3

Purolator Air Filters + ACS Inc.

Purolator Air Filters is dedicated to improving the science of air filtration and the quality and performance of its air filter products. Purolator Air Filters outperforms competitors in initial and average efficiency and provides optimal filter service life. The high-quality of Purolator filters comes from meeting stringent requirements — all verified by quality control checks.

Air Cleaning Specialists Inc. provides air filtration solutions to improve commercial and industrial air quality. We partner with Purolator because our experience in the air filtration industry paired with the unbeatable construction and quality of Purolator Air Filters guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. ACS, Inc. is a distributor of Purolator Air Filters and not the manufacturer.