A Purolator Defiant bag filter designed for applications requiring high efficiency, non-shedding media filtration.

Purolator Defiant Bag

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Product Information

Purolator's DEFIANT 70/85/95% media meets today's ASHRAE challenges in process control and contami- nant reduction. The unique, patented non-woven process used to manufacture DEFIANT filters creates a media which outperforms similar products with respect to initial efficiency, average efficiency, and dust holding capacity.

The continuous hydrophobic fibers which make up DEFIANT media do not absorb moisture and are ther- mally bonded to eliminate the need for chemical con- taining binders that could promote microbial growth or generate VOCs. Both characteristics create a durable media able to withstand turbulent, high veloc- ity conditions, even when high humidity is a factor.

Improved Efficiency - DEFIANT media utilizes a dual-stage electrostatic enhancement, and continuous fiber structure to ini- tially capture an increased amount of smaller particu- late than conventional glass media—thereby improv- ing overall particle size efficiency (see chart below).

Applications - DEFIANT 70/85/95% media bag filters are specifically manufactured for system applications requiring high efficiency, non-shedding media filtration. These include hospitals, health care facilities, food process- ing plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing, telecom- munications, and other HVAC applications.

The DEFIANT 70/85/95% media has multiple perfor- mance characteristics which combine to provide opti- mum filter service life, and lower maintenance and energy costs.

Technical Information

  • Name:Purolator Defiant Bag Filter
  • MERV Rating:15, 16What's This?

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Classification: Defiant Bag filters are classified U.L. Class 2 per U.L. Standard 900.

Operating Temperature Limit: Maximum operating temperature is 200°F (93°C)