A Purolator Hi-E 40 medium efficiency, pleated air filter shown in size 20 X 20 X 1.

Stock Image: Size shown 20 X 20 X 1

Purolator Hi-E 40

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Hi-E 40 Filters - Construction

Hi-E 40 pleated filters exceeds ASHRAE Standard 62 air cleaning specifications for filters installed upstream of cooling coils. Hi-E 40 filters are medium-efficiency and available in several standard face sizes to accommodate most system requirements. These pleated air filters are made from 100% hydrophobic synthetic media to provide 35-40% average efficiency and nearly 95% average arrestance. Hi-E 40 pleated filters are effective as a stand-alone filter or prefilter.

Mechanical Media - Hi-E 40 pleated filters are made with 100% synthetic fibers providing mechanical efficiency to achieve a MERV 8 performance. Hi-E 40 filters have a MERV 8 performance before and after a conditioning step. The MERV 8 media has a Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) adhesive that is not affected by mold or microbial growth.

Heavy Duty Bevearage Board Frame - Hi-e 40 filters are framed in a moisture resistant, sturdy frame material that stands up to rough handling and difficult service conditions to provide long service life. The new die cut pattern increases contact points between the beverage board and die cut by 50%.

Two-Piece Frame Construction - Hi-E 40 pleated filters will not rack, warp or bend under normal handling or operating conditions. The double-wall thickness around the outer edge and the integral die cut cross members provide strength and rigidity.

Water Repellent Adhesive - The adhesive used to bond the frame and media pack into a unitized assembly is highly water repellent. The pleats hold together even when wet. No delaminating, no excessive buckling, no collapsing.

Galvanized Steel Pleat Support - How many pleats have you seen with rust flaking off the grid? The Hi-E 40 expanded metal pleat support grid is made of galvanized steel for maximum rust resistance. The metal grid maintains pleat shape and prevents fluttering in operation. Consistent pleat shape minimizes resistance and improves dirt loading characteristics throughout the life of the filter.

Technical Information

  • Name:Purolator Hi-E 40 Air Filter
  • MERV Rating:8What's This?

Filter Depth Pleats per Foot

  • 1"12.0
  • 2"10.0
  • 4"9.0

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Classification: Hi-E filters are classified U.L. Class 2 per U.L. Standard 900.

Operating Temperature Limit: Maximum operating temperature is 225°F (107°C)