A purolator CLEAN PAK extended surface, high capacity, bag filter.

Purolator CLEAN-PAK Fiberglass

High-Efficiency Extended Surface Synthetic Bag Filter


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Product Information

Clean-Pak extended surface bag filters are designed with microfine synthetic media that resists moisture and provides maximum dust holding capacity. Several other characteristics combine to create the “Clean-Pak Advantage,” which enables low cost of ownership through low initial resistance and extended filter life. Rugged construction reduces instances of filter damage during transport and installation. Filter pockets are sonically-welded to create high burst strength, maintaining pocket integrity under turbulent conditions. In addition, fabric ribbon separators are sonically-welded inside the pockets to create aerodynamic channels for smooth air flow and low resistance.

Clean-Pak filters are ideal for HVAC systems across a variety of markets including automotive, food processing, data centers, industrial manufacturing, commercial buildings, and more. The filters are available in a variety of filter dimensions and pocket quantities. The new MERV 16 rated filter is a complement to the already wide range of bag filters available on the market.

Sewn Pocket Construction - Sewn pocket models are formed with an over edge double lock stitch that provides high burst strength. Pocket inflation is controlled with a span stitch design to maintain separation between adjacent pockets. A thermoplastic sealant applied over the stitch lines locks the stitches and prevents leakage.

Total Pocket Inflation - Formation of the pockets (by span stitching or sonic welding) creates a wide open entrance into each pocket. Uniformly shaped channels permit maximum air flow with minimum resistance. Total pocket inflation results in complete use of the media, high dust holding capacity and long service life.

Fail Safe Pocket Attachment - Adjacent pocket retainers are fastened together with a high strength mechanical staking process that secures the pockets and prevents separation at very high resistance or under turbulent conditions. A rugged spun bonded synthetic scrim backing on the air leaving side of the pockets protects the media from tearing or erosion.

Rugged Construction - The header and pocket retainers are made of galvanized steel for high strength, durability and rust resistance. The roll formed header is a single piece U-channel with multiple bends for extra rigidity. A built-in stop inside the header channel prevents racking.

Technical Information

  • Name:Purolator Clean-Pak Bag Filter
  • MERV Rating:12,15,16What's This?

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Classification: CLEAN-PAK filters are classified U.L. Class 2 per U.L. Standard 900.