A purolator AERO CELL high-efficiency, rigid, fiberglass air filter.

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Purolator AERO-CELL Fiberglass

High-Efficiency Fiberglass Rigid Air Filter

While this filter series has been discontinued, Please Call for a direct replacement that is guaranteed to fit and perform.

AERO-CELL Filters - Construction

AERO-CELL fiberglass rigid air filters provide medium to high-efficiency filtration and a longer life cycle. Its box filter construction eliminates the need for retainers and special external wire media supports. A high surface area-to-depth ratio provides the maximum amount of effective filter media in areas of minimum in-line duct space. When you choose AERO-CELL fiberglass filters you get consistent performance in a variety of operating conditions.

Frame Construction - AERO-CELL filters perimeter frame is constructed of high strength, corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel. To prevent air bypass, the filter pak is sealed to the frame on all sides. Filter integrity is maintained by pleat stabilizers which are bonded to both the air entry and air exit sides of the pak.

Media and Backing - Each Purolator AERO-CELL filter utilizes a high- density filter media composed of ultra-fine glass fibers laminated to reinforced, high-strength nylon backing. The media is continuously bonded to expanded, corrosion-resistant, electro-galvanized steel which allows a 95% open face area.

Pleat Configuration - To achieve a maximum dust holding capacity while minimizing pressure loss and replacement frequencies, AERO-CELL filters feature aerodynamically wedge-shaped pleats in its design. The expanded metal backing and stationary pleat spacers allow consistent pleat configuration.

Applications - AERO-CELL fiberglass rigid air filters are capable of withstanding 7.0” w.g. pressure drops without noticeable media-pak deterioration, and will operate to a final resistance of 1.5” w.g. AERO-CELL filters are available in a variety of filtering efficiencies and sizes to satisfy and effectively service most applications. In Variable Air Volume (VAV) applications, AERO-CELL filters maintain consistent filtering performance throughout a full range of velocities.

Interchangable - The AERO-CELL filter is designed to be completely interchangeable with all makes and types of medium to high-efficiency rigid cell filters. When used with Purolator conversion filter clips, existing side access and built-up filter banks are easily converted to support the AERO-CELL. In high dust concentration applications, the life of an AERO-CELL is extended by the use of a prefilter. Purolator MARK 80-D® and Hi-E 40™ pleated filters have proven effective in such situations.

AERO-CELL Filter Features:
✓ High Density, Ultra-Fine Glass Filter Media In Class 1 and Class 2 Configurations
✓ Rating Up To MERV 14
✓ Corrosion-Resistant Galvanized Steel
✓ Rigid Internal Support

Technical Information

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Classification: AERO-CELL filters are classified U.L. Class 2 per U.L. Standard 900.