A Purolator SERVA CELL VA GT high-efficiency, low pressure drop, barrier filter.


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Product Information

The Purolator SERVA-CELL VA GT filters provide high efficiency filtration to prevent fouling and damage to turbine blades. Clean inlet air helps keep units operating at like-new efficiency. No loss of output efficiency due to dirt deposits or blade damage. SERVA-CELL VA GT has the lowest pressure drop of any high efficiency barrier filter which translates to thousands of dollars in energy cost savings.

Media and Support - SERVA-CELL VA GT filters have Mini-Pleat Media Packs ensure low resistance, low energy cost, and low operating cost. The SERVA-CELL VA GT also features pleat packs sealed to end panels to prevent leakage.

Construction Features - SERVA-CELL VA GT filters have a totally unitized construction and no rivets or screws to prevent risk of serious equipment damage. SERVA-CELL VA GT filters are engineered to provide rated efficiency and maintain structural integrity under the extreme operating conditions experienced by turbomachinery applications.

Technical Information

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Classification: SERVA-CELL VA GT filters are classified U.L. Class 2 per U.L. Standard 900.

Most Common Sizes
12" Depth