A Purolator Hi-E 40 medium efficiency, pleated air filter shown in size 20 X 20 X 1.

Stock Image: Size shown 20 X 20 X 1

Purolator Hi-E and Hi-E 40 Pleated Filters

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Hi-E and Hi-E 40 Filters - Construction

Hi-E and Hi-E 40 pleated filters exceed ASHRAE Standard 52.2 for MERV 10 and ASHRAE Standard 62 for MERV 8 air cleaning specifications. These medium-efficiency filters, available in several standard face sizes, utilize 100% hydrophobic synthetic media, delivering 35-40% average efficiency and nearly 95% average arrestance. Hi-E and Hi-E 40 pleated filters are effective as a stand-alone filter or prefilter.

To enhance their durability, consider this: How many pleats have you seen with rust flaking off the grid? The Hi-E expanded metal pleat support grid is constructed from galvanized steel, ensuring maximum rust resistance. This steel grid not only maintains pleat shape but also prevents fluttering during operation, leading to consistent pleat shape that minimizes resistance and improves dirt-loading characteristics throughout the filter's life. Available in MERV 10 and MERV 8 ratings, Hi-E and Hi-E 40 filters cater to a broad spectrum of filtration needs and system requirements.

Hi-E MERV 10 Filters

Hi-E MERV 10 filters effectively trap dust and particles in multi-stage HVAC systems. Our specially engineered synthetic hydrophobic media outperforms MERV 8 filters, with higher particle removal efficiency.

Adding to the MERV 10 filters’ durability is a two-piece, water-resistant beverage board coated with a water-repellent adhesive. The frame construction features a seven-strap diagonal support pattern with pleat tips bonded at all contact points and interlocking flaps in the frame corners. Additionally, the media is fully glued to the frame on all four sides, eliminating air bypass.

These filters are an excellent choice for improving indoor air quality and extending the life of downstream filters for Commercial, Industrial, and Schools/Universities HVAC Applications.