A Purolator Defiant Mark 80-D extended surface, pleated air filter shown in size 16 x 24 x 2.

Purolator Defiant Mark 80-D

Extended Surface Pleated Filters

This filter has been discontinued. Please call for a direct replacement that is guaranteed to fit and perform.


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Mark 80-D Filters - Construction

Defiant Mark 80-D - The industry standard for performance and value for over 30 years.

Gain 1 Point toward LEED Certification - During the process of new construction, install MERV 8 filters at each return air grille for air handlers used during construction. Conduct a two-week building flushout with new air filters and 100-percent outdoor air prior to occupancy.

Mechanical Media - Defiant Mark 80-D pleated filters are made with 100% synthetic fibers providing mechanical efficiency to achieve a MERV 8 performance. Defiant Mark 80-D filters maintain a MERV 8 performance before and after a conditioning step. The MERV 8 media has a PVA (Ployvinyl Acetate) adhesive that is not affected by mold or microbial growth.

Heavy Duty Deverage Board Frame - Defiant Mark 80-D filters are framed in moisture resistant, sturdy frame material to stand up against rough handling, difficult service conditions, and also provide long service life. The new 7-strap die cut pattern increases contact points between the beverage board and die cut by 50%.

Two Piece Frame Construction - Double wall thickness around the outer edge and integral die cut cross members provide strength and rigidity. Defiant Mark 80-D filters will not crack, warp or bend under normal handling or operating conditions.

Pleat Stabilizers - The 4" deep filters are designed with individual die cut fingers that separate and stabalize each pleat. Consistent pleat alignment enhances dust holding capacity for longer service life.

Technical Information

  • Name:Defiant Mark 80-D 10x10x1 Air Filter
  • Item #:5257310206
  • Actual Size:9 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 3/4"What's This?
  • MERV Rating:8What's This?